Improve Your Swimming with Smart Swim Goggles

Improve Your Swimming with Smart Swim Goggles

Are you a swimmer looking to bring more fun to your swims, improve in the water, and connect with other swimmers like you?

At the beginning of the year, we launched FORM Fundamentals—a four-week video and workout series to help swimmers at every level improve their swimming. Each week we focused on a key fundamental (body position, breathing, and kicking), while also emphasizing consistent practice and progress. Participating swimmers used their smart swim goggles, along with guided swim workouts, to learn how to swim more efficiently and feel more confident in the water. Three of our FORM Ambassadors joined in and shared how it went—check out their stories below! Trust us, the proof is in their swim stats in the FORM Swim App.

Before we dive into our ambassadors’ experiences, here’s a little overview of the FORM membership:

There’s never been a more fun and motivating way to improve your swimming than now—with the FORM membership and smart swim goggles. Each FORM membership includes access to real-time feedback, in-goggle swim workouts, an ever-growing workout library, the FORM Swim App, and more. Whether you want to swim faster, organize your training schedule, reach your goals, or have access to your swim data, the FORM membership will help get you there!

Form Fundamentals Swim Ambassadors

Meet Our Swim Ambassadors

Below, we’re sharing our ambassadors’ experiences with the FORM membership and how their swimming improved along the way.

Adam Lucio

Adam is an incredible athlete and coach, dedicated to advocating for adaptive inclusion and instilling optimism in others to help pursue their dreams.


Adam set a goal to improve his swimming technique as he trains for his first paratriathlon.

How the FORM membership and smart swim goggles helped him:

Adam swam with guided workouts that helped him improve his breathing, stroke count, and focus—leading to a 32% improvement in speed! He continues to use the FORM Swim App to see his in-depth analytics and track his progress.

Baseline Test Improvement:

  • Week 1: 1:34/100m
  • Week 4: 1:08/100m

“As an aspiring paratriathlete who uses a wheelchair on an everyday basis, the water can be intimidating—especially if I don’t have the leg power to help propel my swim. The easy-to-read workout instructions and display on the lenses made me feel in total control in the water. My breathing, stroke count, and focus all improved exponentially within the first two weeks—the rest was history!

FORM Fundamentals set me up for success in so many ways; not only in the pool while I’m wearing my goggles, but outside of the pool when I have my phone in my hand. I can track my analytics, my swims, and my progress on a day-to-day basis. This kind of advancement is going to help my consistency for years to come.”

Lucy Bartholomew

Lucy is an adventure seeker, ultra-marathoner, and a big fan of anything that puts her body into motion (yes, like swimming!).


She set a goal to not only swim all three of the FORM Fundamental workouts each week, but to swim every single day in the month of February. Spoiler alert: she crushed this goal by swimming a total of 40,500m throughout the month.

How the FORM membership and smart swim goggles helped her:

The ever-growing workout library and variety of guided workouts kept her motivated! Also, having her FORM goggles count her laps is a game-changer.

Baseline Test Improvement:

  • Week1: 1:22/100m
  • Week 4: 1:19/100m

“I swam 40.5KM in February with each week having a fundamental focus; body position, breathing, and kicking. I learned how to do drills, use all the pool toys, completed sessions that were so short (yet challenging), and had so much variety every day from the FORM Swim App! I am very grateful for my FORM goggles counting my laps because I lost count after about 4 laps.”

Zach Morgan

You'll find Zach in the gym, at the pool, in the kitchen, or on the set of a Netflix show. He's a health and wellness expert who loves all the health benefits swimming provides.


Zach set a goal to build endurance to prepare for getting back into the ocean for his first open water swim in 5+ months.

How the FORM membership and smart swim goggles helped him:

Zach was able to improve his focus in the water while swimming with guided workouts. Being able to track his swim metrics, see his progress, and connect with other swimmers in the FORM app has brought his training to the next level.

“Before this series, I would show up to the pool and not really have any focus for the day. By stripping it down to the fundamental building blocks of swim technique, (giving me specific drills to attack my weaknesses) then building on top of that, I was able to see way more progress than I ever did on my own. I didn’t just feel like I was getting better, but I had the data to prove it! Plus, I was able to connect with other swimmers through the FORM app to keep each other accountable and congratulate each other on our progress (because we all love a little validation)! I’m so excited to keep using the FORM workouts to continue getting better!

FORM Smart Swim Goggles

Keep Your Swim Progress Going

No matter what level you’re at, coming back to the basics is a great way to improve your swimming. Lucky for you, the FORM Fundamentals content is still live on our blog and in the FORM Swim App. With a FORM membership and smart swim goggles, you’ll be able to make the right improvements to start swimming your best.

Want to learn how to start swimming for exercise? Already swimming, but looking for exercises to do in the pool? Check out our ever-growing workout library, pick a guided swim workout, sync it to your goggles, and jump in! Your goggles act as a swimming fitness tracker—see your real-time metrics in the pool and review your swims out of the water. Don’t forget to share your progress with us in the app and on our social channels!

Looking to start your own FORM Fundamentals journey? Learn how to swim faster and improve your swimming with motivating and fun swim workouts—all in your goggles with the FORM membership.Check out all the FORM Fundamentals content here. For a detailed breakdown of different efforts, read our article on understanding FORM’s Effort Levels.