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Available August 7 for $199

Form Swim Goggles Form Play Video

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Available August 7 for $199

Swim goggles with a smart display. See the metrics you need in the moment. Take control of your swim.

See Your Metrics
While You Swim

This is what our see-through display looks like. Your metrics float right in front of you. They include:

  • Time - Split TimesSplit times
  • Stroke - Stroke rate/countStroke rate/count
  • Pace - Pace per 100Pace per 100
  • DistanceDistance
  • CaloriesCalories

And much more...

Swimmers Say

Oliver Linsenbarth, Swimmer Testimonial



The FORM goggles allow you to perform a swimming training program without the need to count numbers in your head or look at a pace clock. This is a must-have for all swimmers.

Bryan Canterbury, Swimmer Testimonial



With FORM, you get feedback at the end of each length - you're able to make minor adjustments to your stroke, form, turnover and you can see the difference it makes.

Steve Price - Coach Testimonial


Head Coach, UBC Thunderbirds

There is no other product on the market where the swimmer can get real-time training data, with the coach receiving the same feedback on the back end.

FORM Swim App

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Available August 7

Coming August 7
for $199

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