Improve Your Swim with FORM Fundamentals

Improve Your Swim with FORM Fundamentals

As swimmers at all levels can attest to, swimming is a highly technical sport. Getting better doesn’t come easy—you have to focus on the basics, improve your swimming skills, and set a strong foundation. But don’t worry, we’ve got something that’ll help you achieve all of this and more.

FORM Fundamentals is a four-week video and workout series designed to help swimmers at every level improve their swimming and achieve their swim goals. Starting February 1st, each week has a different focus area to work on—body position, breathing, and kicking. Want to swim faster? Looking for ways to make swimming easier and more efficient? FORM Fundamentals focuses on the swimming basics to help you reach your goals.

Why Focus on These Three Fundamentals?

  • Body position, breathing, and kicking are key pillars of swimming and help set a strong foundation. Improve these three fundamentals and your swimming will become more effortless.
  • Once proper technique feels more natural and comfortable, you’ll be swimming faster, further, and more efficient.
  • The more time you dedicate to working on technique, the faster you’ll improve as a swimmer.

How it Works

  • Starting February 1, we'll be focusing on one fundamental each week.
  • We’ll share a blog post every Tuesday that explains the key fundamental, plus includes tips, drill recommendations, and workouts designed to help you improve in that area.
  • The workouts provided were created with a short course 25m/yd pool in mind, but can easily be modified to fit the pool you train in.


FORM swimmers with a membership can upload these workouts to their goggles from the FORM Fundamentals collection in the FORM Swim App. We’ll also be sharing the swim workouts within the blog posts, so all swimmers can get involved! 

Main list of FORM fundamentals

FORM Fundamentals Schedule

Start from the beginning and work your way through. Embrace where you’re at every week and get ready to celebrate your achievements. You’ve got this!

Setting Your Baseline

Before you begin your FORM Fundamental journey, swim this test set to know where you’re starting from. After you complete the Fundamentals, revisit and swim this test to see how you’ve progressed. Check it out!

Week 1 - Body Position

Learn about a more efficient body position for swimming with a focus on your head, hips, and heels. Check it out!

Week 2 - Breathing

Understand the proper way to breathe while swimming, so it becomes easier and more comfortable. Check it out!

Week 3 - Kicking

Find out how to effectively and efficiently use your legs to propel you forwards in the water, while conserving energy. Check it out!

Staying Consistent

Revisit the test set from the beginning and hear how practice, patience, and repetition all play a valuable role in your swimming progress. Check it out!




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