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Founder And CEO

Dan Eisenhardt

Dan swam competitively for 14 years, both in his native Denmark and in the United States. Throughout his swimming career, he felt the pain of lacking access to metrics in real time.

The idea for swim goggles with a smart display came to him in 2006, while he was completing his MBA program at the University of British Columbia. The idea wasn’t practical at the time, so Dan pivoted. His first startup, Recon Instruments, delivered a line of heads-up displays for snow goggles, starting with the Recon Transcend in 2010.

In 2015, Recon was acquired by Intel and integrated into the chip giant’s New Devices Group. Dan remained at Intel until the following year, when he decided the time was right to pursue his original vision. In 2016, he left Intel and created FORM.

Today, Dan is hellbent on continuing to break down barriers in swimming through FORM. In his spare time, he also funds other startups via Rhino Ventures, a venture-capital fund based in Vancouver, Canada.

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