Fitness Technology Company FORM Announces Highly-Anticipated Integration with TrainingPeaks

Fitness Technology Company FORM Announces Highly-Anticipated Integration with TrainingPeaks

Vancouver, BC - Fitness technology company FORM has announced a highly-requested integration with TrainingPeaks, the leading innovator of endurance training software in the sports industry. For the first time, users can import structured workouts directly from TrainingPeaks to the FORM Swim App and then into the FORM Smart Swim Goggles – fulfilling the FORM community’s most requested integration.

Launched in 2019, FORM introduced the world to the first-ever smart swim goggles. Using the FORM goggles’ augmented reality display, swimmers have the unprecedented ability to see their performance metrics like pace per 100, distance, calories and stroke rate in real time. In 2021, FORM announced guided workouts powered by the FORM goggles. FORM Workouts give users access to thousands of guided workouts and continue to be a game-changing experience for swimmers globally.

For endurance coaches and athletes, TrainingPeaks is recognized as the premier platform to plan, track, and analyze training all in one place. In a survey conducted with over 1,000 triathletes in the FORM community, 68% said that they would be very interested in getting workouts from their coach or training plan automatically imported into the FORM app and goggles.

"We heard our community loud and clear. The integration between FORM and TrainingPeaks will add another layer of unprecedented access to swimming performance metrics,” said Dan Eisenhardt, Founder and CEO of FORM. "From its inception, the FORM Smart Swim Goggles were designed to change how swimmers of all abilities approached swimming. This is another milestone for FORM in our mission to make swimming a more engaging and motivating experience.”

Before the integration, FORM users had to manually build their TrainingPeaks workout using FORM’s Custom Workout Builder. Now, TrainingPeaks structured workouts can be uploaded directly to the FORM Swim App and goggles, giving users a seamless and comprehensive view of their training performance all in one place.

"FORM continues to prove itself as the leading smart swim goggles on the market, and we’re excited that TrainingPeaks users now have this integration to help them in their training,” said Dirk Friel, TrainingPeaks co-founder and Chief Evangelist. "Together, we're making it easier than ever for athletes to access, track, and analyze their training data, helping them to reach their performance goals."

The integration between FORM and TrainingPeaks signals a new era of integrated training solutions. By aligning the capabilities of both platforms, FORM continues to set the pace in the swim tech training landscape, delivering an unparalleled experience to its users.

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About FORM

Founded in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, FORM is the tech-enabled swim platform with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be. FORM Smart Swim Goggles give swimmers an immersive swim experience by combining motivating workouts with real-time swim metrics via the innovative in-goggle display. FORM’s founder and CEO, Dan Eisenhardt, swam competitively for 14 years before starting his career as a sports technology entrepreneur and sold his previous sports technology company to Intel. At FORM, Dan is joined by a team of industry veterans with decades of combined expertise in sports eyewear design, activity-tracking algorithms, and augmented reality optics. Learn more at

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