The Benefits of Following a Swim Training Plan

The Benefits of Following a Swim Training Plan

Whether you're swimming for fitness, training for a triathlon, or looking to develop a new swim skill; the best way to reach your goals is by having a plan. When created by an expert swim coach, training plans set you up for success to see goal-oriented progress—no matter what level you’re at.

6 reasons to follow a swim plan

There are many reasons why following a plan is the best way to see progress. Below, we’re diving into more benefits of following and swimming with a plan.

1. Provides structure and a routine—no guesswork needed

  • It’s easier to get to the pool when your workouts are written, chosen, and organized for you! You don’t want to spend extra time trying to figure out what to do during your swim–following a structured plan will keep you organized with weekly workouts and set a routine.

  • Periodized training provides you with extra peace of mind. A steady progression, consistent schedule, and workout routine that excites you, results in improvement over time.

2. Boost your confidence and reach your goals

  • Take control of your training with a plan. The consistency of periodized training week by week will ensure you’re on track. Plus, plans have rest and recovery built in, so you don’t feel guilty about light workout days or rest days.

  • Remove the mental friction heading to your training session and the decision making around training. With a workout plan, you’ll know exactly what you need to do—allowing you to mentally prepare before getting in the water.

3. Add variety to your weekly workouts

  • A swimming workout plan made by a coach will often feature workouts and drills that you might not usually lean toward

  • Changing up what you do encourages your body to adapt to different kinds of training and activate different muscle groups– making it all the more interesting, motivating, and enjoyable to keep coming back.

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4. See real, goal-oriented progress

  • Your training plan will be specific to your goals. Whether that’s improving your swimming pace, boosting your endurance for longer distances, or increasing your muscular power in the water. Along the way, you can assess your progress in many ways—from average pace, distance per stroke, overcoming a new personal best distance, or simply the feeling you have inside after a workout!

  • Most training plans are written by coaches that are knowledgeable in appropriate and progressive loading. It’s easy to get wrapped up in wanting to progress too much too soon, so following a plan will help mitigate that risk. Also, you can track your progress over time! Typically, a training plan will factor in assessments to test yourself periodically and assess your training gains.

5. Avoid overtraining, injury, and plateau

  • A swim training program helps you avoid overtraining, which can lead to injuries that will prevent you from participating in the sport you love. Repeating the same, comfortable workout routine could lead to overtraining; or you might simply become disinterested in your workout altogether. Balance is important.

  • Allow your training plan to guide you toward optimal results and trust the process week by week.

6. Accountability, motivation, and fun

Consistency is key when building a swimming exercise routine. You know how signing up for a fitness class keeps you more accountable? It’s the same with following a training plan! Take the guesswork out of the equation to make it easier to get in the pool and just swim.

  • A structured swim program is like having an accountability buddy you didn’t know you needed. When life gets in the way, don’t stress! Your plan will be right there encouraging you to jump back in the water.


All in all, a well-made plan will make sure you cover your fitness and training needs, while also ensuring each day incorporates elements of variety and fun!

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