New Feature: Hit Your Swim Goals with Plans

New Feature: Hit Your Swim Goals with Plans

Introducing Progressive Plans for Fitness, Skill Development and Triathlons

At FORM, we’re always working on fun and innovative ways to help you become a better swimmer—no matter what level you’re at. We’re so excited to introduce a new feature that will help you do just that! 

FORM Plans include a progressive series of workouts to help swimmers at all levels achieve their swim goals. Each training plan includes coach-designed workouts, descriptions outlining the focus for each week and workout, and technique videos—all in the FORM Swim App. It’s like having our expert swim coaches right there with you! Whether you want to swim further, swim faster, improve your technique, or prepare for a triathlon—there’s a swimming workout plan to help you get there.

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Your Underwater Coach

Your journey to becoming a better swimmer starts here. With Plans, you don’t need to worry about making a schedule or wondering what you should focus on. Your weekly swims are specifically organized to help you improve—no guesswork needed. Now, it’s time to unlock your potential and train more intentionally.

Choose From Over 20 Plans

With an ever-growing library of Plans, you’ll be setting and smashing goals in no time. Our training plans come in different distance volumes, so every level of swimmer can improve at their own pace. When you follow a swimming workout plan, your weekly workouts will automatically sync to your goggles and you’ll get lap-by-lap motivation in the pool.

All Plans are compatible in 25m/yd and 50m pools. Here’s a sample of Plans available, which fall into one of the following categories:


Prepare for your next race and arrive at the swim start line full of confidence.
Range: 8-24 weeks

  • Sprint Triathlon: Learn about technique, building endurance, and efficiency to get ready for a successful sprint triathlon.
  • Olympic Triathlon: Train to reach your peak performance with efficiency front of mind, so you can transition from swim to bike with energy and confidence.
  • Half Iron: Prepare to swim a strong, efficient 1.9km and keep your energy and confidence up for the rest of your race.
  • Full Iron: Prepare to swim a strong, efficient 3.8km, so you can transition to your bike leg feeling energized and confident.


Designed to keep you fit and motivated to swim faster and further.
Range: 4-8 weeks

  • Boost Your Endurance: Improve not only your aerobic capacity, but elevate your confidence in swimming longer and stronger workouts.
  • Swim 500 Non-Stop: Improve your endurance and efficiency in the water, so you can swim 500m comfortably without stopping.
  • Swimming Your Way Into Shape: Improve your overall fitness with swimming—a full-body workout that builds endurance and muscle strength.
  • Improve Your Pace: The purpose of this swimming workout plan is to help you improve your average swimming pace in just four weeks.
  • Recharge and Recover: Recover and recharge after a race, period of hard training, or at the end of a competitive season.

Skill Development

Includes everything you need to master specific areas of your swim technique.
Range: 2-4 weeks

  • Freestyle Foundations: Improve your freestyle technique and increase your efficiency. Focus on body position, kicking, breathing, and pulling.
  • The Power of Equipment: Kickboard: Get comfortable with using a kickboard, work on proper kicking technique, and feel confident as you kick through any workout.
  • The Power of Equipment: Pull Buoy: Get familiar with using a pull buoy, learn about proper pulling technique, and start to develop a powerful arm pull.

Find more Plans on the app with a membership.

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Follow a Swim Training Plan

You’ll have a seamless experience, gain motivation, and feel more accountable—no matter what swimming workout plan you choose. Once you find a plan, click follow and have all of your weekly workouts sync automatically to your goggles. We recommend reading the specific weekly and workout descriptions to know what to focus on and for helpful tips from our coaches.

With Plans, you’re fully supported in and out of the water. Each plan is carefully curated by our expert coaches with intentional progressions and technique in mind. Guided workouts keep you motivated in the pool with instructions and progress updates. Try swimming every workout to get the most out of your plan, but know that you can skip workouts if needed. We get it—life happens. After each week (7 days) ends, those weekly workouts can be skipped and you’ll be able to access the next week’s workouts.

Out of the water, easily track your journey by heading to the app to check out your progress ring and your swim stats for each workout. After your plan, you’ll receive a medal for all of your hard work. As you swim through other plans, you’ll collect more medals and can keep track of the ones you complete. How’s that for instant motivation?

Plans Complete

Get Started with FORM Plans:

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Take this 10 second quiz to find a free plan that matches your goals.

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