Introducing HeadCoach™

Introducing HeadCoach™

At FORM, we are continually trying to find ways to enhance your experience in the water and improve your swimming. More so than other sports, swimming is heavily technique-driven, and getting feedback about your technique is very difficult, especially if you are swimming alone and without a coach.

With HeadCoach™, FORM provides enhanced metrics, real-time feedback and in-depth educational tools that will help you improve your swimming technique while you are swimming with FORM goggles.

These HeadCoach features will help you improve your technique and strengthen your skills, whether you are swimming on your own or looking to enhance your training with your coach:

FORM Score

Swimming technique is challenging to measure, but one way we can do so is by measuring your swimming efficiency. By measuring your swimming efficiency, you can see when your technique improves or falters while swimming.

With FORM Score, we take your:

  • Distance Per Stroke (DPS)
  • Swimming Speed
  • Height
  • Pool Length

And measure your swimming efficiency on a scale from 1-100. By considering all of these parameters, we have developed a more accurate measure of your swimming efficiency that will help you accurately track your swimming efficiency from length to length, through the workout and over the long term.

If you take the time to improve your freestyle technique on a short set (like 8 x 25’s), you can use FORM Score to measure how much changes in your technique improve your swimming efficiency. Similarly, if you are doing a harder, longer set (like 5 x 200s), FORM Score can help you identify at what point your technique is faltering in the set as you try to maintain efficiency towards the end.


HeadCoach Skills

Head Coach Swim Analysis

There are 5 skills that we have identified that will help you improve your swimming technique and your quality of training:

  • Head Pitch: the angle you are looking up or down while you swim
  • Peak Head Roll: the amount that your head rolls to take a breath
  • Time-to-Neutral: the proportion of your breathing stroke it takes to return your head to the water
  • Interval Pacing: your ability to maintain a consistent pace length-by-length in an interval
  • Set Pacing: your ability to keep a consistent pace from interval to interval within a set

For each of these skills, we provide a detailed analysis that will help you identify what skill you may need to work on the most and track how much you have improved these skills over time.


Real-Time Visual Coaching

Not only have we developed metrics to measure specific technical and pacing aspects of your swimming, but we have also developed in-goggle experiences that will help you improve these skills in real-time while swimming! Using the HeadCoach skills in your goggles will revolutionize how you get feedback to improve your swimming technique in real time while swimming.

With the Head Pitch and Peak Head Roll skills activated in your goggles, you see your exact head position while swimming, and guidance within the experience improves your technique on these skills. These skills allow you to adjust and enhance your head position and breathing technique in real time as you progress your swimming skills.

For Interval Pacing and Set Pacing, you can set a target time with the first length or interval, respectively, of your swimming. The target time will then be shown to you throughout your swimming so that you can better manage your speed and effort to hit your target time throughout your intervals and sets using just your goggles.

Educational Support

Educational Support page in app

Further supporting you, the in-depth education sections guide you on using these new metrics and skills to enhance your development in the water.

For FORM Score, there are additional videos that will help you better understand your swimming data (including FORM Score) and how you can utilize that data to enhance your training. By understanding your data, along with your FORM Score, we have detailed suggestions for how to improve your technique and training to become a better swimmer.

For each of the HeadCoach skills, we have videos describing each skill in more detail and what technique changes you can make to improve your score for each skill. We also have recommended drills and workouts that you can use to take the time to improve these skills and, ultimately, increase your speed in the water.

With HeadCoach, FORM is revolutionizing how you get feedback while swimming to help you improve your technique. Using FORM Score and HeadCoach™ skills, you can track your progress through real-time feedback, long-term analysis, and in-depth educational support to improve your swimming in the water.


Get Prepared for Your Next Triathlon with FORM

If you’re ready to make your next race your best triathlon, add FORM goggles to your gear bag. Your goggles come with a 1-year free membership that gives you access to training resources including 1,000+ guided workouts as well as triathlon-specific training plans.

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