Revolutionize Your Swim Training With HeadCoach™ Workouts

Revolutionize Your Swim Training With HeadCoach™ Workouts

FORM has already revolutionized the way swimmers can improve in the water with HeadCoach™. With FORM Score and HeadCoach Skills, FORM can give you more information, education, and guiding experiences to help you improve your technique and your swimming.

Now, FORM has taken the next step with the introduction of HeadCoach Workouts. HeadCoach Workouts are automatically generated and personalized to you based on your swimming history, focusing on where you need to make improvements based on your goals in the water.

Here, we will take a closer look at how FORM uses your swimming data to create and deliver personal workouts that are generated to meet your specific needs as a swimmer.

Collecting and Evaluating Your Swimming History

At FORM, we take a holistic look at your swimming to get a better understanding of who you are as a swimmer and how you can improve in the water.

In addition to the duration of your workouts and your overall swimming speed, here are some of the factors that we look at to help generate personalized workouts for you:

  • FORM Score
  • Distance Per Stroke (DPS)
  • Stroke Rate
  • HeadCoach Skill Metrics, such as Head Pitch, Peak Head Roll, and Interval Pacing

Not only do we measure these factors in your swimming, but also track how they change when you are swimming faster or slower, and over longer or shorter distances. This gives us a better sense of where your swimming is today, and how your swimming changes during the course of a workout.

If you are a new user with FORM, you will need to swim at least a total of 1000 meters or yards, so that we can get a good sense of who you are as a swimmer. For existing users who have already swam over this threshold, we will already have this data, providing us with a great foundation to understand your swimming so that HeadCoach Workouts can tailor workouts directly to your needs.

Your Recommended Focus

Knowing how your FORM Score, DPS, Stroke Rate, and other metrics change during your workouts allows FORM to identify your Recommended Focus. Your Recommended Focus identifies what you need to work on the most to help you improve your swim practice training.

FORM uses your Recommended Focus to create HeadCoach Workouts that address your unique needs and provide a concise direction for your workouts to help you improve your swim practice training. Written descriptions for each HeadCoach Workout will help guide you on what your focus is for a specific workout and how to improve on it.

You can learn more about your Recommended Focus by going to the HeadCoach tab in the FORM app and selecting your Recommended Focus. Here, you will get additional tips on how you can adjust your training, and improve your technique, while you are working on your Recommended Focus.

Your Priority Skill

With our first release of HeadCoach, FORM is already able to measure specific HeadCoach Skills to help you improve your technique and tactics in the water. Many HeadCoach Skills have in-goggle experiences that can be activated to help you improve on that specific skill. These include:

  • Head Pitch
  • Peak Head Roll
  • Interval Pacing
  • Set Pacing

With HeadCoach Workouts, we will now identify which HeadCoach Skill you can improve on the most and build your workouts to help you address your Priority Skill.

Not only will HeadCoach Workouts implement specific drills to help you improve your Priority Skill, but your goggles will automatically activate the in-goggle experience to help address your Priority Skill during your workout. Just by following the workout instructions, you will be able to follow this enhanced level of instruction in real-time while you swim without any button pressing.  You also have the option to automatically activate the in-goggle HeadCoach Skills experiences to enhance any workout that you edit or create.

Though it is always optional, HeadCoach Workouts will also provide guidance on when you can use equipment (such as Fins or Pull Buoy) to enhance your ability to improve your training and your Priority Skill.

What do you Want to Work on Today?

With your swimming history, Recommended Focus and Priority Skill, FORM will create 3 HeadCoach Workouts for you to choose from depending on what type of workout you want for your session:

  • Endurance: This is an aerobically focused workout that will closely match your recent history and help you improve your Recommended Focus and Priority Skill.
  • Power: A higher-intensity workout that will challenge you to maintain your Recommended Focus and improve your Priority Skill.
  • Technique: A lower-intensity workout where the primary focus is improving your Priority Skill while still addressing your Recommended Focus.

All of these workouts can be seen in the FORM app, but they will also sync automatically with your goggles so that you will always have your personalized HeadCoach Workouts available in your goggles at the pool.

As you improve and grow as a swimmer, your FORM goggles will be able to track your progress and your HeadCoach Workouts will be updated when there is something new to focus on or we’ve identified a skill that could use more improvement. Every time you upload a swim to the FORM app, you will have 3 New HeadCoach Workouts in the app to review and choose from, which will then be available in your goggles for your next swim session.

HeadCoach Workout User Guide

If you are a new user or just want some suggestions on how to get the most out of your HeadCoach workouts, you can follow these steps:

1. Make sure your goggles are up-to-date!
If your goggles are not updated to our latest software version, you will have a suggestion at the top of your home page letting you know you need to update your goggles. Tap on this notification and follow the instructions to update your goggles to the latest firmware. If you don’t have a warning there, then you are good to go!

2. Swim at least 1000 (metres or yards)
This will ensure that we get enough information about you and your swimming to make smart, accurate HeadCoach Workouts that will address your needs. If you have already swum this mandatory distance using FORM goggles, we already have enough information about you and you will already see the HeadCoach Workouts we have generated for you in the FORM app.

3. Check out your HeadCoach Workouts on the homepage
Here, you will see all 3 HeadCoach Workouts that will help you address your Recommended Focus and improve your Priority Skill. Selecting one of the workouts in the app will show you the Recommended Focus and Priority Skill for the workout and a description of what you can do to improve your swimming during the workout.

4. Check out the HeadCoach tab
All of your HeadCoach data and metrics can be found on the HeadCoach tab. Here you will be able to see all of your HeadCoach Skill Metrics, which skill is your Priority skill, as well as your Recommended Focus. Selecting your Recommended Focus will give you more detailed tips on how to improve your training and technique while following your Recommended Focus.

5. Go For A Swim!!!
HeadCoach Workouts are automatically synced to your goggles, so there is no need to manually select or save them to your goggles. As you follow the HeadCoach workout in the water, the workout instructions will automatically suggest drills, suggest equipment and activate in-goggle HeadCoach Skills to help you improve throughout your workout.

    6. Come Back to the FORM app and Review Your Swim
    After your workout, you can review your swim and see how well you did on your priority skill. You can also preview your new HeadCoach Workouts as they will be updated based on your previous swim and updated data.

      With HeadCoach and HeadCoach Workouts, FORM continues to revolutionize how swimming can be taught in the water through real-time visual feedback and help you become a better, faster swimmer.


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