41 Gift Ideas For Triathletes in 2023

41 Gift Ideas For Triathletes in 2023

If you’re in search of gift ideas for triathletes on your shopping list, it’s a bit of a bad news/good news situation.

The bad news is that, since they’re working to master three different sports—plus their strength workouts and health and nutrition—your triathlete has a pretty hefty inventory of gear they need to train and compete.

But the good news is that this presents a whole ton of great gift opportunities for you to choose from.

Here are 41 gift ideas for triathletes, categorized by their price ranges. 

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 10 Gift Ideas for Triathletes for Under $100

10 Gift Ideas for Triathletes for Under $100

If you’re looking for something on the cost-conscious side, there are tons of useful gifts for triathletes for under a hundred dollars. 

1. Lock Laces

When you’re in the middle of a race and you’re transitioning from your bike to your run, every second is valuable. That’s what makes Lock Laces so helpful. These elastic laces with a double-eyelet lock device allow you to tighten and loosen your shoes without tying them.

They work with any shoes and are available for under twenty dollars. 

2. Compression Sleeves

For many people, the impact of running—especially after a bike ride and swim—can be tough on their muscles. 

Compression sleeves, whether for calves or arms, help to increase venous blood flow through the muscles and boost oxygen and nutrient return to the legs to ease muscle fatigue. It also helps to accelerate the removal of waste toxins and lactic build-up and boosts lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Essentially, they help eliminate a lot of the cramping that can happen while training or racing.

Check out these ones from 2XU that cost between $50 and $80.

3. Triathlon Training and Nutrition Books

Training for a triathlon—whether a sprint or an Olympic distance—is a big undertaking that requires a ton of expertise and knowledge.

That’s why books make such a great gift for triathletes. There are a ton of great options to choose from, but we love The Triathlete’s Training Bible by Joe Friel, Triathlon Training in 4 Hours a Week by Eric Harr, and Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance by Patrick Hagerman. 

4. Race Belt

Help your triathlete look and feel like a pro with a race belt that can hold their gels and gummies as well as their race bib while they run. 

For around $30, this Orca Triathlon Race Belt with Pockets is a great bet. 

5. goodr Sunglasses 

Believe it or not, finding good sunglasses for running is harder than you might think. But goodr's affordable polarized running sunglasses are no slip, no bounce, all polarized, and all fun, making them some of the best running shades ever invented.

With a ton of styles available and most costing under $50, you’ll find a pair to suit the triathlete on your shopping list. 

6. Precision Hydration

Even though you’re doing it in water, swimming is still a high-intensity activity. So, it’s important to fuel accordingly.

That’s why Precision Fuel and Hydration’s assortment of resources and products makes a perfect gift to help swimmers stay hydrated during their workouts.

7. Bike Bento Box 

Speaking of nutrition, a bike bento box is a great way to keep your gels, hydration, and bars easily accessible during your ride.

These pouches, like this one from Garneau which costs about $25, sit on the frame of your bike by your handlebars, putting all of your energy-boosting items front and center. 

8. Body Glide

Triathletes put their bodies through a lot, and that includes friction. From chafing while running and cycling to friction from repeated swim strokes, it can start to add up and create some discomfort. Body Glide products are inexpensive and help prevent rubbing that causes irritation, rash, chafing, blisters, and raw skin and can be a lifesaver for the triathlete on your holiday shopping list. 

9. Bike Repair Kit

In the course of their race preparation, triathletes will cycle hundreds—if not thousands—or miles. And having a technical issue with your bike while out on the road can ruin a training session—or, worse yet, a race.

With a complete bike repair kit like the Lezyne M-Caddy CO2 Kit, you can provide your triathlete with everything they need to fix tires and make adjustments on the go—all in a format that fits underneath their bike seat. 

10. Noxgear Tracer2

Triathletes put in a ton of running miles, morning, noon, and night. But in those darker times of the day, visibility is key to safety. That’s where the Noxgear Tracer2 comes into play: it pairs powerful multi-color LED fiber optics with ultra-reflective 3M patterns and fluorescence to provide visibility through changing light and weather conditions and in the glare of headlights. 

23 Gifts for Triathletes for Under $500

23 Gifts for Triathletes for Under $500

If you’re looking to spend a little bit extra, you can find some pretty incredible gifts for triathletes that cost less than $500. 

Here’s what we recommend. 

1. Gear Bag 

As we said (and as you’ve probably started to realize by now), triathlon is a gear-and-gadget-heavy endeavor. And getting all of your stuff to the course on race day is no easy task.

That’s why having a designated gear bag—one designed specifically for holding everything a triathlete needs for their race—is such an important consideration. 

Zoot makes some incredible gear bags ranging from around $150 all the way up to $400. But remember, this is something that will last your triathlete for many races to come!

2. Race Day Shoes 

If you’re not a big runner, you might not realize that there are shoes that are intended specifically for race day. 

As opposed to everyday run training shoes, race day shoes often come equipped with carbon fiber soles that reduce power loss and allow you to run slightly faster.

The thing about these shoes is that you don’t get as much mileage out of them as you would from everyday shoes—while you might get 300 to 500 miles out of normal shoes, your race day shoes might give you 100 miles, so they need to be used sparingly.

That being said, great race day shoes, like the Nike Vaporfly 3, which retail for $330, can be a huge benefit to your triathlete on race day. 

3. A Great Helmet 

Of course, your bike helmet is meant to be functional, but it can also be stylish. That’s why we love POC helmets. Starting at around $200, they’re equal parts cool-looking and safe. So, while they might not help your triathlete perform better, they definitely give them style points. 

4. Cycling Glasses

When you’re cycling, your eyes are constantly battling the elements—from wind to sun and rain. So, having a great pair of cycling glasses is a game-changer for triathletes, whether they’re training or racing.

If you’re looking for some of the coolest glasses on the market, we recommend the Oakley Sutros which retail for $228 and are available with a ton of different lens options to choose from. 

5. Heart Rate Monitor

For endurance athletes, regulating your heart rate is the key to making it through the race. That’s why understanding your heart rate during various degrees of effort during training is also critical to success—in the pool, on the bike, or when you’re running.

Heart Rate monitors are great gifts for triathletes because they allow them to track their heart rate during training and on race day.

If you’re looking for one, it should also be waterproof so it can go with them in the water. And for that reason, we recommend the Polar Verity Sense. With Bluetooth®, ANT+, and internal memory, you can connect this monitor to external apps or gear, including FORM Goggles, to see your workout in real-time or view your data after your training session.

6. Handlebar Hydration System

If your athlete is riding a triathlon bike, the odds are they’ll spend a lot of time hunched over their aero bars. So, the less they have to get up out of that position, the faster and more efficient they’ll be—and this includes not having to reach down or back for a water bottle.  

XLab offers a ton of different hydration systems that hook onto the handlebars of your bike so that you can sip water on the go without having to adjust your position. They range from around $100 up to a few hundred dollars. 

When it comes to gift ideas for triathletes, this is one they’ll thank you for later. 

7. Tri Suit

Every triathlete needs a tri suit: it’s the piece of clothing they’ll wear for the duration of their race, from the swim to the bike through the run.

It’s one of the most essential gift ideas for triathletes and, even if the triathlete on your list already has one, it’s a safe bet they won’t mind a new style or color to wear for race day.

Tri suits generally cost between $150 and $350 and, if you’re looking for a high-quality one, we recommend you check out


You can also find a lot of different brands and options at Triathlete Sports.

Smart Swim Goggles

8. Smart Swim Goggles

Knowing your swim stats in real-time helps swimmers perfect their form and performance. Augmented reality goggles can provide real-time statistics (like heart rate, distance, and time) directly on the lens, so swimmers can see their performance in the moment and adjust. These are also helpful in open water or outdoor pool swimming.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles are built to last and make a great gift for swimmers who want to improve their swimming skills.

9. Oura Ring

For competitive swimmers, proper recovery is as important as understanding their stats and metrics in the water.

The Oura Ring, which retails for $299 and up, monitors your sleep, activity levels, temperature trends, stress, heart rate, and more so that you can get a clear idea of how well you’re recovering after your hard swim sessions. 

10. Theragun

Speaking of recovery, your muscles need some attention after swim training too. In fact, swimming utilizes almost every muscle in your body.

If you want to spoil the swimmer on your list with a great recovery-focused gift idea, check out the massagers and tools from Theragun, which include percussive devices, vibrating foam rollers, and smart muscle stimulators. 

11. Buoyancy Shorts

Buoyancy shorts are great for developing your swimming technique ahead of a triathlon, particularly for beginners who are also looking to perfect their running and cycling techniques too. These shorts imitate the effect of wearing a wetsuit, adding buoyancy to the hips and allowing a higher position in the water.

We’d recommend checking out Orca Unisex Buoyancy Shorts as a gift idea for triathletes which you can pick up for under a hundred dollars. 

12. Waterproof Run Jacket

Some triathletes are lucky enough to live in a place where rain is minimal. But for others, getting out and running in the rain is a run-of-the-mill endeavor.

So, to help them stay warm and dry while training, you can give them the gift of a waterproof running jacket.

We love the Salomon Bonatti Waterproof jacket

Designed for maximum comfort, this jacket is built with a breathable micro-porous waterproof membrane, back ventilation, and smart-vent front button to keep air flowing at its max. Packable in its own pocket, this light, waterproof, and breathable jacket is ready for whatever nature throws your way. 

13. Cycling Shoe Covers

Waterproofing isn’t just essential for running—it’s equally important for cycling as well. There are few things more uncomfortable than heading out for a long training ride in the rain just to end up with cold, damp, rain-soaked feet. 

Cycling shoe covers are incredibly helpful in keeping your shoes dry on those wet days, and there are few options that get the job done more effectively than Castelli Estremo shoe covers.

Made using a fleece-lined GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® outer layer paired with a full Polartec® Power Stretch® inner layer, these ultra-tough booties will make bad-weather rides infinitely more comfortable. 

14. Pool Membership

Training for a triathlon comes with no shortage of costs to cover. For the holidays, you can help alleviate a smaller—but still ultra-important one—by taking care of their pool membership, allowing them to train comfortably while cutting back on one extra expenditure. 

15. Zwift Account

Another common cost incurred by triathletes is a Zwift account.

Zwift is a platform that connects to indoor bike and running trainers, providing triathletes with an immersive digital training experience when they’d rather ride or run inside than hit the open road.

If you’re looking to lighten your triathlete’s expense load, covering their Zwift account costs is a great gift idea. 

16. Bike Fitting

For triathletes, making sure your bike is properly fitted can help not only maximize performance but also ensure you remain healthy and avoid injury and discomfort. 

But this isn’t something you should just guess at, and that’s why professional bike fittings are an incredibly valuable thing to do—both when you get a new bike as well as at the start of each triathlon season

If you’re looking for an invaluable triathlete gift to give for the holidays, we’d recommend tracking down a local bike shop in your area that handles bike fittings and booking an appointment for the triathlete in your life. 

17. Garmin Varia Radar

For triathletes, bike safety is incredibly important. But the reality is that, as a cyclist, you can only control your own actions—not the actions of others.

That’s what makes the Garmin Varia Radar such an important safety tool for cycling on the road. 

This sophisticated tool was first released as a rear light and bike radar combo, alerting cyclists to traffic coming behind them. 

Now, Garmin has leveled up the original Varia concept with the RCT715, which combines its original powerful rear light and radar sensing with a camera that will automatically save footage if it detects an accident. 

Safety is priceless—but luckily, it can be purchased. And it makes an outstanding holiday gift for triathletes. 

18. XLab Carbon Fibre Wing and Water Bottle Cage

Most triathletes will shamelessly admit to nerding out when it comes to gear. If this sounds like the triathlete in your life, they’ll love the XLab Gorilla Carbon Bottle Cage

When mounted on the XLab Carbon Wing, the Gorilla Cage helps prevent bottles from ejecting on bumpy roads. You can attach either one or two cages and can even attach mini CO2 tanks and a saddle bag to the bottom. 

As an added bonus, it also looks incredibly cool when mounted behind their bike seat. 

19. Running Vest with Water Bottles

It might seem like a small thing, but carrying your water bottles while running can be a massive pain. So, having a running vest with built-in water bottles can make it easier and less frustrating to stay hydrated while running.

We love the Salomon Sense Pro 5. With its minimalist and ultra-comfortable design, this vest offers convenience, friction-free wearability, and a precise, comfortable fit. It also includes pockets for stashing all of your essentials. 

20. Speedo Thermal Dry Change Robe

From open water swim training days to race mornings, changing robes have become a hit among triathletes. Not only do they provide you with privacy should you need to change into or out of swimwear, but they’re also great for keeping you warm before and after your training session or race. 

We’ve heard nothing but great things about the Speedo Team Parka. This versatile, hooded change robe features a cozy fleece lining and a water-resistant shell designed to keep you warm and dry. 

21. Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells

Everyone knows triathletes swim, bike, and run. But strength training is also an essential component of a well-rounded triathlon training plan. 

It can be tough finding time to get to the gym among all of your other training sessions. So, if you want to make it easier for the triathlete in your life to build strength with ultimate convenience, you can give them the gift of FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells

These dumbbells feature a unique adjustment mechanism that allows you to quickly change the weight you're lifting without the need for multiple different weights.

22. Nurecover Pod Portable Ice Bath

These next two triathlete gift ideas take recovery to the next level.

The first is the nurecover Pod Portable Ice Bath. This fully portable insulated pod acts as a personal cold plunge that you can use at home.  

Ice baths are used by everyone from elite runners and triathletes to weightlifters, football players, and basketball players.

That’s because when you’re exposed to cold water, blood vessels constrict and get smaller. Then, when you get out of the water, the change in temperature causes them to rapidly re-open which can help to flush your muscles’ metabolic waste products.

23. Headphones

Many triathletes like to listen to music or training programs while in the water, but traditional headphones are most definitely not waterproof! A triathlete or swimmer might love a set of waterproof headphones as a gift.

We love the Aftershokz XTrainerz Open Ear MP3 Swimming Headphones. They're priced at $199 and fit under their swim cap too.

5 Gifts for Triathletes for Under $1,000

5 Gifts for Triathletes for Under $1,000

The price range between $500 and $1,000 presents a lot of really interesting and exciting opportunities when it comes to gift ideas for triathletes. 

Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Race Registration 

Race registration fees are a recurring expense for triathletes and, over the course of a season, they can really start to add up.

If you want to give a meaningful (and helpful) gift for triathletes, consider covering the cost of one of their races.

In fairness, most races will cost less than a few hundred dollars, but some of the bigger and longer races can cost quite a bit—so we’ve included this in this category as a catch-all. 

2. Therabody RecoveryAir Prime Compression Massage Boots 

Just like the compression sleeves we mentioned previously, Therabody RecoveryAir Prime Compression Massage Boots work by aiding blood flow: when the sleeves compress, it helps the blood move through your body to your heart so that when they decompress, oxygen-rich blood flows to your leg arteries and in the case of sports recovery, flushes the muscles and stimulates them with similar pressure and benefits to those of a massage.

If you’ve got a serious triathlete on your shopping list, this gift, which costs around $549, will be incredible in helping them recover properly and perform at their best. 

3. Bike Computer

With a bike computer, your triathlete can track basically everything under the sun: their speed, distance traveled, and even the route they’re following. And that makes them a staple gift idea for every triathlete.

Check out the GPS-powered Garmin Edge 1040 which retails for $799.99. 

4. Power Meter Bike Pedals

There’s no doubt about it: triathletes are data-obsessed. That’s why they value every bit of information they can get. 

Smart bike pedals, like the Garmin Rally RS100, are helpful: they provide real-time power output information, among other details, that can help your athlete monitor and manage their energy output during their training and race rides. 

These pedals are available for around $880. 

5. Nurecover Tropic Home Steam Sauna

Saunas have been shown to support improvements in various cardiovascular parameters, such as increased heart rate, increased cardiac output, and reduced blood pressure.

These effects are attributed to heat-induced vasodilation which enhances blood flow and promotes cardiovascular health. Beyond that, they’re also incredibly relaxing after a hard training session. 

While most people intuitively imagine saunas as large, fixed structures, the nurecover Tropic Home Steam Sauna was made specifically for home use. 

If you’re looking for a serious gift idea for a serious triathlete, this is a great one to consider. 

3 Gift Ideas for Triathletes for $1,000 and Up

3 Gift Ideas for Triathletes for $1,000 and Up

When you really want to splurge on gifts for triathletes, there are some pretty impressive things you can give for $1,000 and above. 

Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Bike Box for Travel

Triathlon bikes aren’t cheap. In fact, some cost as much as a used car. So, if your triathlete is heading out of town for a race, keeping that precious cargo safe is a top priority.

Bike boxes are the perfect solution: they allow you to disassemble your bike, pack it safely and travel with it, then unpack and reassemble it ahead of race day.

They’re available as soft cases or hard shells, but we recommend the hard shells for maximum protection. 

Check out the Thule RoundTrip Transition box which costs around $1,000 and offers an ABS plastic shell as well as its very own built-in repair stand. 

Man outdoors in wetsuit

2. Wetsuit

In many parts of the world, outdoor swimming brings with it cold temperatures that can be challenging to withstand. 

That’s why a wetsuit is such a perfect gift for outdoor swimmers. 

Whether they don’t have one yet or they need an upgrade, there are a ton of great options available at a range of price points. 

We love the DeBoer Ocean 1.0, which combines the flexibility of the Flōh wetsuit and a ThermaFur thermal lining that reflects body heat and is designed with an Ocellus pattern for improved visibility to produce the world's first performance thermal wetsuit. 

3. Indoor Bike Trainer

In many places, the weather can get a bit unpleasant during the fall and winter months. But that doesn’t mean triathletes want to quit training.

That’s where indoor trainers come in handy: you can set your bike up on them and literally ride indoors, all while connecting with an app like Strava to ride “real” routes on a screen. You can even ride with friends or tackle challenges.

Indoor bike trainers automatically adjust the tension to (very realistically) simulate the feeling of climbing hills. 

The Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer starts at $1,819.99 and offers everything you’ll need (except a cassette). But be warned: there’s also a rabbit hole of add-ons and accessories (like fans and laptop stands) that you might find yourself going down. 

FORM smart swim goggles

The Most Unique Gift for Swimmers

Whether you need the ideal gift for the holiday season, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, the swimmer on your list would love any of these thoughtful gifts.

The best gifts for swimmers are ones that fit in their gear bag, like the FORM Swim Goggles. You can sync guided workouts directly to the goggles and never have to memorize a program again. It's a gift any swimmer would love and enjoy to help them stay motivated and progress in their training.


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