New Feature: Build Your Own Custom Swim Workouts

New Feature: Build Your Own Custom Swim Workouts

Introducing Workout Builder: Your New Custom Workout Tool

You asked, we listened. The most requested feature is here—Workout Builder!

We’re always listening to your feedback and what you want to see next from us. When we say this is the most requested update, we really mean it! It makes us even more stoked to bring Workout Builder, our newest feature, to life.

Now, you can effortlessly build a workout from scratch, input your coach’s workout, or edit any of our 1,000+ coach-designed workouts. You can ditch the printed workouts on soggy paper—we’ve got you covered.

Your Workout. Your Way.

Want to write and swim your own workouts? Have a favorite workout from your coach you’d like to add to your FORM goggles? Don’t have a coach or the time to create your own workout? No problem.

With Workout Builder, you can…

1. Build your own workout

A great option for swimmers that want full control when creating their own workouts or those who want their coach’s workouts displayed in their goggles.

  • Create your own custom swim workout or manually input one from your coach.
  • Easily add subsets to your Warm-Up, Main, and Warm-Down Set—including distance, stroke, effort level, drills, and equipment.
  • Personalize it with a great name and share it with other swimmers, so they can try it out too.

2. Edit a workout from our library

This option is perfect for swimmers that love FORM workouts, but want the flexibility of personalizing them to better suit their needs.

  • Choose one of 1,000+ coach-designed workouts, then edit to make it your own.
  • Change subsets, rest time, equipment, drills, and more to suit your needs.

Workout Builder tip: Custom workouts follow FORM's drill abbreviations and effort scale. You'll be able to choose the following drills when making your workouts: Kick, One-Arm, Closed Fist, 6-Kick Switch, and Side-Kick. When picking your efforts, follow our 5-level scale: Easy, Moderate, Strong, Fast, and Max. If you use RPE, zones, or other effort scales, visit our Effort Scale chart.

Custom swim workout builder on a smartphone

Easily Build Your Own Custom Swim Workouts

We made the process as seamless as possible, so you can quickly get to the best part—swimming! You can drag and drop subsets to reorganize your workout. Or swipe to duplicate a subset or remove it completely. It’s all up to you.

Whatever way you choose to create a workout (build your own or edit one of ours), you’ll get to sync it to your goggles, jump in, and get lap-by-lap motivation. Take the guesswork out of your pool time with workout instructions, pace, rest time, and more in your goggles—allowing you to be present and have more fun.

Man swimming front crawl pictured underwater with smart swim goggles and yellow swim cap.

Swimming With Guided Workouts

Ditch the soggy workout paper, whiteboard, and memorizing a workout. With FORM, you’ll be guided in your goggles with workout instructions and real-time metrics—just like a real coach. Your goggles will tell you what to do, when to swim and rest, and what effort level you should swim at. You’ll stay engaged and motivated through your whole workout—giving you something more fun to look at instead of a black line!

Pick a workout or plan from our library, create your own custom workout, input one from your coach, or edit one of our workouts. Then sync the workout to your goggles and swim—it’s that easy! After your swim, you can keep track of your progress in the app.

Trust us—once you swim with guided workouts, you’ll never want to go back to the old way of doing things.

What’s Up Next?

The fun doesn’t stop here! New Workout Builder upgrades are coming soon to personalize your experience even more. Soon, you’ll be able to enter custom drill names, add intervals with split strokes or split efforts, use the RPE effort scale, and more!

Get Started with Workout Builder

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