Updates to the FORM App: Plans and Custom Workouts Flexibility, New Filters, and Home Tab

Updates to the FORM App: Plans and Custom Workouts Flexibility, New Filters, and Home Tab

Train Your Way with FORM Plans

Hitting the pool with a plan is the best way to reach your swim goals. And now, swimming with a FORM training plan just got a whole lot easier.

1. Access Skipped Workouts

Missed a workout? No sweat! Now you can swim any missed workouts and have them count towards the progress of your plan.

2. End Your Plan Early

This option is perfect for swimmers who have accomplished what they wanted out of their plan.

Plus, your progress will be saved no matter when you decide to end it.

3. Swim Your Workouts in Any Order

We’ve made our plans more flexible than ever, so you can swim the custom swim workouts that work best for your schedule, mood, and body each day.

4. Skip Ahead in Your Plan

Have a triathlon in 8 weeks, but your plan is 12 weeks long? We’ve been there! You can now choose the starting point in your plan to line up with your goals.

5. Access the Next Week in Goggles

Say goodbye to the padlock on the next week of your plan! You can now get a jump start on upcoming workouts.

Join the community of over 1,000 FORM swimmers using plans to reach their swimming goals. With over 30+ plans dedicated to building your fitness, developing your swimming skills, or training for race day, you are sure to find one that suits you.

swim plans

Your Workouts, Your Way

Our most requested feature just got some improvements! Get ready for more ownership over the workouts you create using our custom workout builder.

1. Three Ways to Program Your Effort

In addition to using our traditional effort levels (Easy - Max), we’ve now added Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Percentage of Maximum Effort into the mix.

Use the effort type that is most intuitive or that helps you complete your swim the way you want.

2. Swim Your Own Custom Drills

Drills are incredibly helpful at making you more efficient and faster in the water and we know that everyone has their favorite (or maybe least favorite!). Now, you can add your own drills into your custom workouts.

Bonus: drills added to your custom swim workout will be stored, so you can use them again and again!

3. Create Subsets Using Split Effort and Split Stroke

Add more nuance into your workouts by indicating whether you’ll change stroke or effort halfway through an interval.

Customize a workout from our library, input one from your coach, or create your own from scratch. Unlock the full experience and start your free 30-day trial now in the app.

Find Your Perfect Workout With New Filters

We’ve added three new filters to make it easier than ever to find the perfect workout for you.

home tab

1. Duration

Tight on time? We got you. You can now select a duration range to only see workouts you’ll be able to complete in your allotted time (based on your average swim speed). Select anything from under 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and more.

2. Pool Size

Swimming in a 50m/yd pool and don’t want to see workouts that were made exclusively with 25m/yd pools in mind? Now you can select the length of the pool you’re swimming in to get workouts that match.

3. Longest interval

Do you like a lot of rest between intervals? Looking to practice your pacing on some nice long sets? Now, whatever your preference is, you’re able to choose the maximum interval length for your custom swim workout.

Introducing, Your Home Tab

Welcome to a more personal view into your swimming journey. In the new Home Tab, you can review your stats, choose your next swim, and gain more motivation— all in one place!

1. Your Swim Stats, Made More Fun

Check out your all time personal swim history alongside a breakdown of all of your strokes and your total distance.

2. Stay In-the-Know on What’s New with FORM!

Never miss a beat! Access everything from new workouts and plans, to blogs, swim education, and more.

3. Recommended Workouts and Plans, Right at Your Fingertips

The new “Workouts For You” collection gives you an easy way to access more of what you like.

Choosing the right custom swim workout has never been easier.


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Take this 10 second quiz to find a free plan that matches your goals.

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