TrainingPeaks Integration - Beta Release

TrainingPeaks Integration - Beta Release

TrainingPeaks is one of the most popular training apps that exists, with over 500,000 unique athletes using it monthly. 

Since launching FORM workouts, one request has stood out above the others: to seamlessly sync your coach designed TrainingPeaks workouts in your FORM goggles. 

This is why we’re delighted to share that our TrainingPeaks integration is ready for beta testing. Applications to become a Beta Tester are closed, but if you want to learn more about why we’re so excited about this TrainingPeaks integration, read on!

Executing Your Workouts, Made Easier

No matter what your goals are, a training plan is key to keeping yourself on track. And we know (because you told us!) that using TrainingPeaks is one of your favourite ways to do that. No matter how you get your programming, all your workouts are captured so you know what to do every single day. Especially on rest days… triathletes do take rest days, right?!

Cycling and running are largely taken care of from planning to execution, seamlessly integrating technology with it. Getting your proper training in – indoors or outdoors – is pretty easy and effective. Swimming, however, has some catching up to do! Have you ever:

  • Written out your coach’s workout on a piece of paper and put it in a ziploc bag on deck?
  • Tried to remember what your coach meant for you to do with a specific set halfway through the workout?
  • Spent a good chunk of your swim workout pushing watch buttons while only seeing your swim metrics at rest?

Despite your best intentions, we know that it can still be tough to swim those workouts exactly as prescribed through TrainingPeaks. With the TrainingPeaks integration beta, we are taking that first step so that you can simultaneously enhance and simplify your swim training. And we couldn’t be more excited.

How It Works

Currently, there are two ways swim workouts show up in TrainingPeaks:

  1. Structured Workout Builder 
  2. Workout Written in the Description Field 

Every coach has their own style and voice so we knew this was going to be a challenge to build a feature that handled everything. In this first beta phase, we will pull in your workouts that use the structured swim workout builder in TrainingPeaks. If your workouts are contained only in the description box, this will be part of a subsequent release. 

We start by pulling workouts in from the structured builder and linking that up to the FORM app and review them. Next up you have the option to make any modifications (think: add a drill, switch up a stroke type, throw in some equipment, etc.). Alternatively, you can leave the workout as is, sync it to your goggles, and hop in the pool!

Just pulling in the structured workouts was never going to be good enough for triathletes, nor for us. We’re working on a way to read and interpret your text-based workouts into the FORM platform as well so that your coach’s notes will be translated into structured swim sets in our app – available to review and adjust, and swim. 

With both methods, FORM goggles will guide you through your workout length-by-length, just as your coach wrote it. You’ll also get your real-time feedback with your desired swim metrics so you can focus on executing your swim as prescribed –  you’ll never have seen so many green TrainingPeaks swim cards!

It’ll Even Get Better With Time

We have the opportunity to use our technology in conjunction with your feedback and swim sets to continuously improve. You expect the best and we’re here to deliver. 

We can’t wait to work with you to continue to create amazing experiences that get you the results you’re looking for while keeping you motivated to get that next swim in.


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Take this 10 second quiz to find a free plan that matches your goals.

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