Workouts: These swimmers got to try it early

Workouts: These swimmers got to try it early

FORM Workouts: the most game-changing swim technology since the FORM Smart Swim Goggles! Guided workouts have only been available to the public as of today, but we gave a group of swimmers early access to Workouts to test it out behind the scenes. We asked them to give us their honest feedback on our latest, first-of-its-kind features so we could make the best experience possible. Equally, we wanted to hear what these swimmers loved about these new features too.

Here’s what swimmers are loving about Workouts:

  1. It makes swimming easier
  2. There’s a ton of variety
  3. It makes swimming more enjoyable

It makes swimming easier

Compared to other forms of exercise, swimming is commonly considered one of the “harder” activities. By harder, we’re referring to getting to the pool and making sure you have all your gear, staring endlessly at the black line, and losing track of how many laps you’ve done. Choosing what to do before you head to the pool, how far to swim, what strokes to swim, what gear to use, and what drills to do takes time and effort.

“I don’t have to think about the workout; I just concentrate on technique and (if it's a tough one) getting it done. ”

— Anthony

Having guided workouts in the FORM goggles takes the guesswork out of your swim. With hundreds of workouts to choose from by distance, time, and category, every swimmer can find the perfect workout to match their mood.

swimmer during a warmup set with the FORM Goggles

There are workouts for every skill level; from the busy parent with only 30 minutes to spare, to the triathlete preparing for their next race. Once you get to the pool with your workouts loaded onto your FORM goggles, all you have to do is jump in and swim.

“It's been an absolute joy to use! The night before, I can scroll through the workouts and find something that I think will suit me the following day based on how I feel, not what a coach has sent me. I think I push harder, swim faster with these workouts than I did before. I smile when I'm doing a Build as I always seem to fall behind and when I get the screen to push harder, it makes me grin. That little personal feature makes a difference in how I perform for the rest of the swim as well. I like the referenced time frame it should take as well. ”

— Christopher

You might be craving a recovery workout and time to relax while you swim, but you also want some structure. We’ve got guided workouts for that. FORM Workouts make it easy to fit a 30-minute swim into your busy schedule, but will also leave you feeling accomplished. If you’re swimming through a more challenging workout, you can focus on your technique and effort for each interval.

“No need to think on what's the next drill or rep, just concentrate on the swimming. ”

— Airán

Your FORM goggles will let you know how many intervals you have left, when to rest, and when you’re on the last length of each interval.

“I know where I'm at all times regarding my times. It keeps me honest. I know what my pace should be for easy, strong, fast, etc., and it keeps me on my toes (fins)! No more looking at the wall clock and trying to calculate when to go next, no more doffing and donning goggles, putting on my glasses to refer to my workout sheet plastered to a kick board, and then missing my next start. I can choose a workout based on how I'm feeling that day.”

— Christopher

There’s a ton of variety

We get that all swimmers are different and are on their own unique journeys to master the sport. With this in mind, we’ve created hundreds of guided workouts that will make swimming fun, interesting, engaging, challenging, and rewarding for swimmers at any level. This is just the start, too, as we’ll be regularly adding new workouts to our extensive library. Our workout library includes six categories (from recovery to power), distances ranging from a few hundred meters to over 4000+ meters, and three different intensity levels. Trust us, there’s a workout for everyone!

“There are loads of workouts you can choose from. It is easy to use. You do not need to memorize your workout or have to write it down.”

— Ursula

It makes swimming more enjoyable

“I used to do boring but easy to remember sets. Remembering the set used to be part of the preparation for swimming. With Workouts, I can choose a workout that suits my needs the best on the day, and no need to worry if I could remember it. Swimming became more spontaneous and enjoyable. ”

— Chris

Eliminating the need for pace clocks, mental math, or bulky activity trackers makes swimming more fun. Gone are the days of staring at the black line or aimlessly swimming laps. You no longer need to count your laps in your head or decide what to swim from session to session. Now, your pace clock is always with you and your goggles will let you know exactly where you’re at in your workout. If you like seeing your swim data, you’ll see it in real-time in your goggles and after your swim in the FORM Swim App. Your time spent in the pool can be spent relaxing or improving your technique while being engaged the entire way.

“I was never motivated to go to the pool outside of the swim club. This [Workouts] got me into the pool during our off-season and are much more motivating than expected! ”

— Leigh

With Workouts, FORM has made enjoyable and engaging swim training available to everyone. Not only do we want to empower every swimmer with motivation for each swim, but we also want to help you improve and feel more confident in the water. If you’re interested in learning more about Workouts head over to our Support Center for comprehensive resources on everything FORM - goggles, app, and workouts!


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