How to Clean and Care For Your Swim Goggles

How to Clean and Care For Your Swim Goggles

There’s nothing worse than having goggles that are moldy, scratched up, or that fog up frequently. We’ve all been there, so we made sure that we designed the FORM goggles with these issues in mind.

Taking care for your goggles ensures getting the most out of your swims.

Here are 5 tips to help you care for your goggles to ensure you always get the most out of your swims:

1) Do not touch the inside of the lens

The inside lens of your FORM goggles have the same permanent, chemical-resistant anti-fog coating used in diving masks, and protecting this coating is key to clear vision over the life of your goggles. The micro-texture of your fingertips and the oils in your skin are a combination that will damage this layer, so please avoid touching the inside of your lens. This also applies to using cloths, towels, or anything else liable to rub off the anti-fog coating.

2) Rinse thoroughly

Once you’ve completed your swim, rinse your goggles with clean, cold water. Hold them under the faucet and allow the water to run over both lenses. Also, always be sure to rinse them if they have been exposed to salt water, sunscreen, bug spray or cosmetics to ensure the integrity of the anti-fog coating.

3) Store properly

Once rinsed, place your goggles in the supplied protective case to avoid scratches and damage to the lens when not in use. The carry case provided is a tough, ventilated case that allows your goggles to dry while protecting them from scratches. Note that the black plastic sleeve included with new goggles should be recycled, as this will leave your goggles more room to dry out.

Keep your goggles protected with a case

4) Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not leave your goggles in direct sunlight or wear them in saunas, steam baths or hot tubs. Exposure to heat can cause permanent damage to the goggles lens.

5) Clearing fog

Foggy goggles are the direct result of unequal temperatures between the lens, water, and surrounding air. The best way to deal with foggy goggles is simply dipping the goggles/lens into the water as this will equalize the temperature and eliminate any fog.


Keeping your goggles in top shape and fog free requires very little effort. Follow these simple tips we’ve provided and rest assured that every time you go for a swim, your goggles will be up to the task! For more care tips, please visit our support page.