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Why FORM Goggles Make the Best Gift for Swimmers at Every Level

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we thought it'd be the perfect time to give you a great gift idea for the swimmers in your life (including you!). Whether you're just starting out, a seasoned triathlete, or a former swimmer, FORM adds a new level of fun and motivation to your swims. Now, you can gift (or get) an annual membership, which includes FORM Smart Swim Goggles, in-goggle workout instructions, an ever-growing workout library, the FORM Swim App, and so much more!

Most of the membership features are beneficial to everyone, but there are standouts for each level of swimmer.

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For the Fitness Swimmer

For someone who swims a couple of times a month, FORM can make the best out of each visit to the pool. The goggles track your lengths and time, so you don’t have to worry about counting laps or looking at a clock. Finding time to get to the pool and figuring out what to swim is challenging for people with busy schedules. We’ve made it easy to search through our ever-growing workout library to find the perfect workout to match your mood and schedule. Upload up to five swim workouts to your goggles, jump in, and let your goggles guide you with workout instructions, real-time metrics, and progress updates. FORM takes the guesswork out of your swim experience and makes every swim more fun.

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For the Triathlete

FORM offers what many triathletes crave: data, data, and more data. Better yet, you get to see real-time metrics in your goggles so that you can adjust on the fly. You can also review your metrics in the FORM Swim App after your swim. Look back at every swim and see where you can make improvements, where you’ve done well, and track your progress over time. Plus, if you use Strava or Training Peaks, the FORM App seamlessly sends data to both automatically. For your open water swims, the goggles provide a standalone mode and a watch pairing mode (with select Garmin and Apple watches). Both provide immediate feedback for the swim segment of your triathlon. For triathletes training alone, our coach-designed, guided workouts are a fantastic resource. Our workout library is full of swims that are perfect for those stepping into their first triathlon, all the way to seasoned Ironman athletes.

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For the Masters Swimmer

If you’re a Masters swimmer, the googles are a great way to keep on track, especially when when your coach is helping out other swimmers. But, after each swim, you’ll be able to look back at your swim metrics and see how you did in your practice. This lets you analyze your swims in a way that provides you information that you don’t realize in the moment. If you choose to share with your coach, they can help you make data driven changes to your technique and focus in practice. Regardless of your skill level, FORM offers a game-changing swim experience, from the data you see in the water to what workouts you swim. With a membership, you’ll unlock limitless motivation and have more fun every time you go for a swim!

Now's the perfect time to gift your valentine the FORM annual membership - with FORM Smart Swim Goggles included!

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