FORM Smart Swim Goggles breaststroke

10 Ways FORM Goggles are Shaking up Swimming

Swimming Breaststroke with the FORM Smart Swim Goggles

1. The see-through display shows your metrics while you swim!

Okay, this one is obvious. There’s a see-through display right in the goggles. Metrics like split times, stroke rate/count, pace per 100, and distance are right there, in your line of sight, while you swim. That means no more guesswork.

Swim Goggles with a built-in display

2. These are premium, durable goggles

No point having swim goggles with a smart display if they’re gonna wear out after six months. Thankfully, FORM really sweated the details here. These things are made with high-grade materials and the best manufacturing processes in the industry, so they can take a real beating.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles

3. They fit just like your regular, non-fancy goggles

Any real swimmer knows that comfy, well-fitting goggles are a must. That’s why FORM made these things feel like real swimming eye goggles—not bulky, not awkward, just standard. The display is icing on the cake. And there are five nose bridges in the box, so you can really nail the fit.

well-fitting swim goggles

4. Everything is detected automatically—no fumbling with buttons

The FORM Swim Goggles use state of the art machine-learning to detect turns, rest, and sets automatically. All you have to do is swim, and you get relevant metrics each step of the way. No need to tinker with the tech during your workout.

Underwater head-up display in goggles

5. You can customize what metrics to see and when to see them

Enter the FORM Swim App for iPhone and Android. This is where you customize the swimming eye goggles to show what you care about. There are 12 metrics to choose from, and you can pick different metrics to show up while you’re swimming, after turns, and during rest.

6. The app lets you review every workout

Every workout is right there in the FORM Swim App, complete with a breakdown of sets, times, stroke efficiency, and everything else you need to know. Just sync the goggles with the app to access your last swim.

7. You and your coach can work better together

FORM worked with top-level coaches, and it shows. When you swim with FORM, your coach doesn’t need to write down numbers or quote them back to you—everything is in the goggles and app. That means coaching can be more about technique and making you a better swimmer.

Swim coach underwater

8. Measure your effort in the moment with live heart rate

By pairing the FORM Swim Goggles with Polar’s OH1 or OH1+ heart rate sensors, you can see your heart rate live while you swim. This means you can make sure you train in the right zone and recognize if you are over or under training. Game changer.

9. The FORM community is like one big virtual swim team

Swimming is more fun with a team. The FORM Swim App lets you follow other swimmers, check out their swims, and like/comment on workouts. It’s the perfect way to cheer each other on... or taunt your rivals with snarky comments.

10. Swim outside with FORM!

Now see GPS metrics and heart rate in real-time while open water swimming with compatible smartwatches. The perfect companion to know your real-time distance, pace, and heart rate when racing.




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