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Feel lap-by-lap motivation with a FORM membership⁠—includes smart swim goggles, 1,000+ coach-designed workouts, 20+ training plans, and in-app progress tools.

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Mikael Eriksson

“When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of swim workouts, FORM Goggles are invaluable. Immediate feedback in the goggles ensures no wasted training time, with every lap according to plan.”

- Mikael Eriksson

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A Better Workout, Right In Front of You

  • Your goggles will tell you what to swim, when to go, when to rest, and the right effort level.

  • Thousands of coach-designed workouts means you’ll always be able to match your mood, skill level, and schedule.

  • Go beyond your average swim with coach-designed swim training plans made for swimmers at every level.

  • Swim updates and the progress bar tell you where you're at in each set, and your overall workout.

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The Tide is Rising

As a member, you're connected to the world's largest swimming community. Stay motivated with guided workouts and celebrate your achievements together. With FORM, you're never swimming alone.

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