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Feel lap-by-lap motivation with a FORM membership⁠—includes smart swim goggles, 1,000+ coach-designed workouts, 20+ training plans, and in-app progress tools.

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“I’ve been involved in the sport of triathlon for over 30 years as both athlete and Coach. In that time we’ve seen incredible developments in technology in the disciplines of cycling and running. For a long time the biggest advancement we’d seen in swimming was the introduction of the wetsuit - that is until FORM entered the market and overnight, swimming was lifted out of the stone age.

Athletes were already super hungry for data and the FORM goggle was like a dream come true. We immediately gained access to real time feedback on many areas of performance. Swimmers from novice to elite level could now take some of the guess work out of session execution and dig into the post workout data to help them improve.

And FORM weren’t finished there - they then introduced the ability to have a workout delivered straight to the goggle. Now swimmers could feel like they had their coach alongside them during the workout helping them execute the session to perfection. I know for my own training and for the athletes I coach we never want to swim unless we have our FORM goggles”.

- Coach Bevan McKinnon

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