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FORM Smart Swim Goggles Now Support Polar Heart Rate Monitors

FORM Smart Swim Goggles Now Support Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Vancouver, BC - Today, FORM the sports technology company behind the world’s first augmented reality swim goggles, and Polar, the leader in wearable sports and fitness technology for over 40 years, announced the release of a free firmware update for the FORM Smart Swim Goggles that enables support for Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors, giving swimmers the unprecedented ability to view their real-time heart rate, in their line of sight, throughout their swim.

Starting today, anyone with a pair of FORM Smart Swim Goggles can update their goggles to the latest firmware using the FORM Swim App for iPhone® and Android™. Once updated, the goggles can connect wirelessly to Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors, enabling real-time heart rate data—including beats per minute and zones—to be shown on the goggles’ see-through smart display.

For an optimal experience using these products together, FORM offers a purpose-built mounting clip that allows the Polar OH1/OH1+ to be mounted seamlessly and unobtrusively to the strap of the FORM Smart Swim Goggles, where the wearer’s heart rate is measured from their temple, and a reliable wireless connection is achieved between the two products. Existing Polar and FORM customers can redeem their free FORM mounting clip by visiting Starting today, new pairs of FORM Smart Swim Goggles will begin shipping with the FORM mounting clip included in the box.

“Real-time heart rate is an essential aspect of training in land-based sports like running and cycling,” said FORM founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt. “Without that information, it’s easy to stagnate in your training, either by taking it too easy or by overtraining and burning out. Now, thanks to FORM and Polar, real-time heart rate has come to the pool. Swimmers can see their heart rate in our goggles’ display throughout their swim. This is a game-changer for swimmers, triathletes, and the coaches who train them.”

Once a swim has been completed with the FORM Smart Swim Goggles and Polar OH1/OH1+, data for the entire workout can be reviewed in the FORM Swim App on the user’s smartphone. The app matches up heart rate to metrics like split times, stroke rate, stroke count, pace per 100, and calories in a single, easy-to-navigate view. Swimmers can also see a graph of their heart rate throughout their swim, as well as a chart of how much time they spent in each heart rate zone. These tools give swimmers, triathletes, and coaches greater insight into workouts, enabling smarter and more purposeful training.

“We’ve worked closely with FORM over the past year to bring heart rate support to the FORM Smart Swim Goggles,” said Tom Fowler, President of Polar USA. “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Swimming with the FORM Smart Swim Goggles and the Polar OH1/OH1+ combines the best of two worlds: the transformative training experience provided by FORM and the gold standard in heart rate technology delivered by Polar.”

The FORM Smart Swim Goggles are available now from and The Polar OH1 and OH1+ are available now from Polar and its authorized distributors and retailers. FORM users can update their goggles to add support for the Polar OH1/OH1+ and real-time heart rate metrics using the FORM Swim App for iPhone® and Android™ starting today.

About FORM

Founded in 2016 in Vancouver, Canada, FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be. The company’s founder and CEO, Dan Eisenhardt, swam competitively for 14 years before starting his career as a sports technology entrepreneur. His previous company, Recon Instruments, was founded in 2008, introduced the world’s first smart eyewear for sports in 2010, and was acquired by Intel Corporation in 2015. At FORM, Dan is joined by a team of industry veterans with extensive expertise in sports-eyewear design, activity-tracking algorithms, and augmented-reality optics.

About Polar

For over 40 years, Polar has been the innovator of sports technology, helping athletes and coaches achieve peak performance. Polar began with heart rate monitoring, but has since expanded into multiple training solutions for elite athletes, coaches and active fitness enthusiasts. Polar remains the trusted performance partner due to our accuracy, reliability and superior experience. Polar’s award-winning product range includes pioneering sports wearables that work elegantly with Polar training apps and cloud services. Headquartered in Finland, Polar is a privately held company that operates in more than 80 countries. Polar products are sold through over 35,000 retailers globally. For more information, please visit


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