form smart swim goggles gift ideas for swimmers and triathletes

Top 5 Reasons to gift the FORM Goggles

We all have a person in our lives who might actually have everything they could possibly need (that person could be you). And this may include some type A athletes – the Ironmen and Ironwomen – in your friend or family circle.

As the holiday season approaches, we will invariably wrack our brains for an inspired gift idea for them, mulling over new running shoes, high performance apparel or miscellaneous gear - all of it a bit unoriginal, and even surplus to requirements. Do not despair, help is here. We think our FORM goggles are the perfect gift idea, even if we do say so ourselves. Chances are our smart goggles will serve as a holiday revelation to a lucky someone in your life.

form smart swim goggles best gift for swimmers

Here are the Top 5 reasons FORM goggles are the perfect gift and the perfect complement to any swimmers training regime, whether in the pool, or in the open-water:

Our Top 5 Reasons:

1. Track real-time progress and access new metrics

Here at FORM we recognize information is power. By providing key data points, athletes can establish a baseline and track their progress. In addition, FORM goggles provide previously inaccessible data like real-time heart rate and stroke rate that can help athletes further fine tune their training sessions with unwavering accuracy.

Heads-up display in FORM Smart Swim Goggles

2. Recommit to swimming goals

With all your real-time swim data available displayed upon the FORM goggles lens, you can set specific goals and switch them up, to keep it interesting. Staying focused can be a challenge when you are mostly training alone but by customizing and tracking a variety of FORM metrics, you can stave off boredom and stay engaged.

3. Become active in the swim community

Now more than ever, digital connection is important. On the accompanying FORM Swim App, you can follow Olympic swimmers, pro triathletes, friends and more, connecting with the broader community. Review your swims, share your swim data, see how you compare. By engaging in healthy digital competition you can strive to be better each training session. Also, you can sync your swim data to other apps including TrainingPeaks and Strava to widen your circle further!

4. Experience the open water

Our goggles are ideal for both pools and open water swimming - which may be the more accessible option for many at this point in time, with pandemic restrictions in place. Connect to a compatible smartwatch or swim with our “Goggles Only” open water mode and take measurability from the pool to the open water. No longer ‘swimming in the dark’, you will have a real-time measure of the stroke rate and elapsed time, as well as all other key metrics you need to structure a decent open water swim session.

open water swimming goggles heart rate gps

5. Gamify your swim session

We’re bringing a new dimension to swimming. Let’s face it, staring down at the black line in a pool, or the dark abyss of an open water swim in winter’s low light, can challenge even the most motivated athlete. But a glimmering AR display, posting record split times, or a steady heart rate, might be just what you need to motivate yourself and add some added excitement and focus to your swimming.

stroke rate in form smart swim goggles display

We will soon bid 2020 a short, sharp farewell, while now is the time to welcome 2021, the year we all swim harder, better, faster, and stronger!