Swimmer’s Favorite Features of the FORM Goggles

Swimmer’s Favorite Features of the FORM Goggles

We’ve found that everyone uses their swim equipment in their own unique way, so we went out and asked a group of swimmers and triathletes how they use their FORM Smart Swim Goggles and what features they find to be the most valuable.

Here’s what they had to say...

Confidence Booster

There was a strong focus on the mental boost the goggles give our athletes while training.

“Swimming is easily the section of triathlon that makes me the most nervous. So, over the past 3 months it has been SO INCREDIBLE and invigorating to see how much I have improved.”

— Bronwyn

Using the goggles and getting that instant feedback creates an environment to boost confidence, especially in those swimmers who are just getting into the sport, or perhaps preparing for their first swim or triathlon event. Having more confidence makes swimming much more enjoyable.

“Being able to nail my workouts (without guessing if I’m on target) has helped me relax and become more confident in the water. Now, I’m seeing the improvements I’ve been seeking.”

— Stephanie


FORM swimmers have been using their goggles in training to help prepare themselves for racing. They have been using the goggles to track where they are with their fitness and performance and monitor how each workout goes.

“Being an IRONMAN triathlete, I swim five times a week on average; these sets are usually 2km to 4km sessions, so it’s great not to have to worry about keeping count of data like laps, rest times, heart rate, speed... because the goggles take care of all of that.”

— Katrice

For those training for a half or full Ironman, this means a lot of time spent alone in the pool.

“My schedule is crazy, so I don’t get to train with a partner, but with my FORM goggles… I’m never alone!”

— Adam

Whether you train alone or with a team, it’s easy to get lulled into a meditative state while swimming, and while that’s great on recovery days, on days with a focused workout, it’s essential to stay engaged the entire time.

“Seeing my split when I hit the turn and know I am either above, on, or below my average really helps when you are spending hours chasing the black line.”

— Randy

“Gamifying” Swimming

The FORM goggles “gamify” swimming, making it more fun while creating accountability. This accountability is created by having exact measures of each set and session, allowing you to compare your executed workout to what was planned.

“As per the FORM goggles, I think they bring a “gamification” aspect to training that I think I would have enjoyed when I was younger. The technology was just not there yet.”

— Ous

For those just dipping their toes into the sport of swimming, making a game out of the relatively daunting task of learning to swim can make it much more enjoyable. This creates a positive feedback loop, as the gains from more fun and focused swims result in more significant improvements.

“It becomes more of a game to me to see if I can keep even splits for my intervals or if I can negative split.”

— Jocelyn

Accurate Real-time Feedback

The topic of accurate feedback allowing our swimmers to make in-the-moment decisions featured prominently from almost every swimmer we connected with.

“Seeing real-time metric data allows me to make real-time decisions, helping me train effectively.”

— Chris

Being able to make on-the-fly decisions and get feedback in real-time makes it much easier for our athletes to maximize their time in the pool, understanding how their body reacts to each interval and set.

“When it shows me my times for each lap - in real-time - I find myself pushing myself more to maintain or decrease my pace. It’s fantastic.”

— Heidi

After your swim, there’s real value in digging into your swim data in the FORM app and analyzing how you swam. The goggles assist even our professional athletes in holding themselves accountable, ensuring they complete their entire planned workout to the best of their ability.

“It’s been so great for me that they [FORM goggles] hold me accountable in the pool when nobody is watching, and I know they will continue to help me get faster.”

— Lauren


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