FORM Turns 2! To celebrate, something big is coming...

FORM Turns 2! To celebrate, something big is coming...

Hi FORM swimmers,

Today, FORM turns two! On August 9th, 2019, a small team here in Vancouver launched the world’s first smart swim goggles. Over the past two years, thousands of you around the world have started swimming with FORM goggles; finding more motivation and enjoyment in your swims. Since then, we’ve been very busy. A year ago, we launched our Open Water feature. In January, we updated Dashboards and added support for Swim Spas. So, what have we been up to lately? Something BIG!

You all know swimming is an amazing sport. At FORM, we believe it can be so much more—that’s what drives us every day. Many sports have grown dramatically in the last 10 years thanks to technology, but swimming hasn’t really changed. Launching the best swimming tracker in our smart swim goggles was never the end goal—it was just the beginning.

To celebrate our 2nd birthday, I’m really excited to let you know that FORM’s next chapter is coming very soon. I’m not talking about a couple of new metrics or some minor features. I’m talking about a big, bold, and new way to experience swimming. An experience that makes swimming more motivating, more effective, and more fun! This new swim experience has been on our roadmap since FORM was founded. We knew that we needed to nail delivering an amazing swimming activity tracker first. A year ago, we could see we had achieved this and we knew it was time for the next step.

We started testing prototypes of this new experience last summer (ironically, we had to test in the local lakes while we were finishing up our Open Water feature testing because our pools were closed). As we swam with the prototype, we knew we were onto something special. By February of this year, we were confident enough that we started external beta testing. We started with 10 people and grew through the year to around 300 testers (if you’re one of them, THANK YOU). We gained invaluable feedback and suggestions from this group, which helped get us where we are today. Our whole team has been focused on getting this great new experience ready for you.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you. The wait is almost over. In just two weeks, we’ll be launching the next chapter of FORM—our next big step in breaking down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be. And as excited as the team is to share this with you, we’re still just getting started. There are many more chapters coming.


VP Product, FORM