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This Just In: Short Course Workouts and More

Short Course (25m/yd) Workouts

We've just released fresh workouts designed exclusively for short course (25m/yd long) pools.

So, what's cool about this? On top of our extensive workout library (filled with workouts that are compatible with any pool length), swimmers can now find workouts that are specifically designed for short course pools. If you’re looking for swim workouts with shorter intervals, these are for you.

Short course swimming has some great advantages for swimmers looking to improve their overall fitness. Doing intervals over shorter distances can help swimmers work on speed and perfect their turns—just to name a couple. Having a variety of workouts specifically designed for your short course sessions makes it easier for you to get to the pool. Plus, no matter which one you choose, you know you’ll get a good workout and feel accomplished getting out of the water.

Personalized Workout Duration

We understand that planning a swim around your busy schedule isn’t always easy. That's why we're excited to release our new Personalized Workout Duration feature. Now, we can accurately predict how long it’ll take you to finish any workout based on your five most recent swims. The result? You can easily find the best workouts to fit your busy schedule.

When you’re on the FORM Swim App looking for the next workout to tackle, your personalized workout duration will be shown. Now, you can accurately schedule your pool swims and avoid having to worry if you’re going over time.

Diving deeper: your average workout duration will be calculated based on your last five swims. If you haven’t completed five swims with your FORM goggles, your workout duration will have a wider range until you finish at least five swims.

Updated Workout Filter

We’re always thinking about how we can make it easier for you to find the best workouts to fit your schedule and mood.

Everyone has their own preferred way of searching for their next workout. Knowing this, we wanted to provide multiple ways to quickly and easily choose your next swim workout. Swimmers can use Workout Finder, check out the organized collections, see the newest uploads, and filter by distance, category, and time. Now, you can also search through workouts in alphabetical order.

Completed Workouts Tracker

More milestones and more reasons to celebrate. We just added a new section to the stats screen in the app. Now, you’ll see how many swim workouts you've finished, as well as your most recent and longest workout. Plus, all of the stats you saw in the previous version: your total number of swims, most frequent stroke, distance, and moving time.

Update your app now and enjoy all the latest features.

We’re always working behind the scenes to make your swim experience the best it can be. At the end of the day, all of the work we do is to benefit swimmers like you. If you have any feedback or ideas for what we should do next, we’re always around to listen. Feel free to reach out to us via email to support@formswim.com or send us a message on our Contact Us page.