IRONMAN Champion Laura Philipp joins the FORM Team

IRONMAN Champion Laura Philipp joins the FORM Team

A piece of cake every single day. It’s part of the routine that makes Laura Philipp a world class athlete.

Laura Philipp swimming with the FORM goggles

A 14x Ironman 70.3 winner, Laura’s top performances include taking home dual 3rd places at the 70.3 Ironman World Championships and XTERRA Offroad World Championships in 2018, while she backed these results up with a blistering Ironman debut time of 8:34:57 in 2018, winning Ironman Barcelona in dominant fashion. Laura took that success into 2019, racing to a 4th place finish at the Ironman World Championships in Kona amongst the best in the sport.

Laura, a climber by background, transitioned to triathlon after her commute had her riding her bike about 30 kilometres each way, and she found she had a knack for passing everyone along the way. After adding in some swimming and running, Laura won her first triathlon even with a fall off the bike during the race.

Laura officially partnered with the FORM team this summer, and has been using the goggles in training. During a time where Laura was confined to a home-made stationary pool setup in her back garden, she described using the timer on her FORM goggles as “having been a huge help and motivation for my swims!”. We can’t wait to see how Laura does going forward as races begin to resume, and she gets back in the water and onto the course—especially as she’s already picked up two XTERRA wins in the Czech Republic last month.

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