Brent Hayden with the FORM Smart Swim Goggles

Introducing FORM Athlete Brent Hayden

We are pleased to introduce FORM athlete, Brent Hayden, three time Olympian and Olympic bronze medalist in the 100 meter freestyle.

Brent Hayden joins the FORM Team

Hayden’s three Olympic berths culminated with his 47.80 100m free at the London 2012 Olympics, where he became the first Canadian to medal in that event, and the first to qualify since Dick Pound in 1960. After London, Hayden announced his retirement from the sport, and insisted to those that asked that he would not be making a “comeback”. Well, as far as comebacks go, Brent Hayden has made a great one. He returned to the sport in style in late 2019, seven years after announcing his retirement, and soon had earned the Olympic A standard in the 50m free after just six months back in the pool.

As he pushes for the (now) 202One Olympic Games in Tokyo, Hayden has joined the FORM team several times to test out new features as well as utilizing the goggles during training. Using heart rate in swimming was not common back in 2012, however today cutting edge technology allows him to see how his body reacts to exertion in real time, both in the pool and in open water. Hayden joined us at Sasamat Lake in Vancouver this summer to try out our new open water swim features, and noticed how he could adjust his effort immediately without having to slow down or stop to check in with a watch or coach. 

We're eagerly watching Brent as he makes his push for the Tokyo games, and can’t wait to see what this former world champion and Canadian record holder will do!