Open Water Swim
Beta Test

We recently announced our upcoming Open Water Swim feature for our FORM Smart Swim Goggles… the top request we get from triathletes!

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Leading up to the release of this feature, we are running a beta test with a select number of swimmers from our FORM community. Beta Testers will get early access to the feature in exchange for providing feedback.

Interested? Fill out the survey below to apply. Note, to participate you must meet the following requirements:

  • You own a pair of FORM goggles paired with an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You are comfortable swimming in open water
  • You have access to open water suitable for swimming in
  • You are willing to provide timely feedback on your beta swim experiences

Beta Test Application

How often could you swim in open water for this FORM Beta?*

How would you describe yourself as a swimmer? Check all that apply.*

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We will email you over the next couple of weeks if you are selected to join the beta.

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