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15 Gift Ideas For All Types Of Swimmers

Give the swimmers in your life what they really want. If you need to buy a gift for a casual, competitive, or professional swimmer, there are lots of helpful gadgets and gear that they need and would appreciate.

In this article, we'll share the best gifts for swimmers, so you can find some inspiration when shopping for your loved ones.

We have great gift ideas for swimmers of all abilities, from children and casual swimmers to competitive swimmers and triathletes. There's something for everyone who loves spending time in the pool.

Gifts for children and young swimmers

Are you buying for a child who's showing a keen interest in swimming? Here are some great gift ideas for the young swimmers on your list:

1. A pool or aquatic center pass

A perfect gift to encourage their love of this great sport is a pass to their pool or local aquatic center. Consider buying them a family pass, so they can enjoy the fun of swimming with their whole family.

group of swimmers at the pool

Contact your local swimming pool for details about punch cards, weekly or monthly swim passes, or gift certificates so they can get the pass they need.

2. Quick-dry swimsuit

If you know a kid who likes swimming, they'll fall in love with a new swimsuit. Find one with UV protection if your young one is an outdoor pool or open water swimmer. We suggest getting one in a bright color to increase their visibility in the water.

There are many styles and sizes of swimwear for children, so check with their parents first to make sure you get the right one. Once you know their size and style, we recommend checking out Reima swimwear—their suits dry fast, have UV protection, and come in kid-friendly designs. Their kid's swimsuits are also affordable, starting at just $30-40.

3. An awesome towel

What kid doesn't like to throw their pool towel over their shoulders and pretend to be a superhero? Gift a kid in your life the most fabulous beach or pool towel you can find! Bonus points if it's quick-drying, has their favorite character or color, or is extra warm.

Some of our favorite kid towels include:

  • The Tie-Dye Fun Beach Towel ($43 US): It doesn't get much brighter than this one! Plus, you can customize it with your kid's name, so it never gets misplaced
  • PJ Masks Hooded Towel ($15 US): These character towels from Walmart are an affordable children's gift. If PJ Masks isn't their thing, you can likely find another character towel that suits their interests.

Gifts for beginner swimmers

If you're looking to buy the perfect gifts for swimmers with less experience in the water, here are some perfect gift ideas:

4. Books about swimming

Books can be a great source of inspiration and learning for swimmers. If your gift recipient is also an avid reader, here are some excellent books about the sport of swimming they may enjoy by master swimmers:

5. A fast-drying, high quality towel

After a long practice, your body is likely tired, and the last thing you want is to lug heavy, wet clothes and gear home. If you have a swimmer on your list, give them a soft microfiber swimming towel. These are great for any swimmer because they're lightweight, absorb up to 3 times their weight in water, and fit into a compact bag for easy transportation.

There are many microfiber swim towels to choose from, but the Rainleaf Microfiber towel has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon and is rated 4.5/5 stars. It comes in many colors and sizes and weighs less than a pound for easy transportation to the pool. You can buy one of these towels for $15.

6. A swim gear bag

Buy a swim bag with mesh sides, so the wet clothes and equipment don't sit in pools of water where bacteria can grow. The mesh improves airflow and helps your gear dry faster too.

Lionel Sanders putting gear into his bag

Look for one that has a small side pocket for the swimmer to store things like goggles and shampoo in a dedicated compartment. A water bottle pocket can also be helpful so that they can stay hydrated before and after their swim.

The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is a great choice. It's a #1 best seller on Amazon and starts at about $28. They come in a variety of great, bright colors too!

Gifts for outdoor swimmers

7. Swimmers shampoo and conditioner for salty or chlorinated water

A swimmer's hair is frequently at risk of drying and damage from chlorine and salt in the water. There are many specially made shampoos, conditioners, and hair products designed specifically for swimmers.

Consider getting them some swimmer's hair products based on their hair type. These make great stocking stuffers too!

Gifts for the competitive swimmer

Whether they've been swimming competitively for years or just getting started, get them the gear they need to pursue their swimming goals. Whether they've been swimming competitively for years or just getting started, get them the equipment they need to pursue their swimming goals.

8. A new swimsuit

Professional swimmers usually need to replace their suits at least once every year or swim season. They also like to have several to cycle through, so they always have a clean, dry suit to use during frequent training.

A swimsuit or gift card to a swimwear company makes great gifts for swimmers. Here are some top recommended brands for swimsuits for swimmers:

  • TYR: This brand name comes from the name of the Norse God of Warriors, so you know it's going to be a strong suit.
  • Speedo: This has been a well-known brand for years. You'll see many famous, competitive swimmers wearing Speedo-brand suits.
  • Arena: In addition to manufacturing high-quality swimwear, this company has transparent and comprehensive social responsibility mandates.

9. Smart swim goggles

Knowing your swim stats in real-time helps swimmers perfect their form and performance. Augmented reality goggles can provide real-time statistics (like heart rate, distance, and time) directly on the lens, so swimmers can see their performance in the moment and adjust. These are also helpful in open water or outdoor pool swimming.

FORM Goggles gift product shot

FORM Smart Swim Goggles are built to last and make a great gift for swimmers who want to improve their swimming skills.

10. A Parka

Open water swimmers often get cold after finishing their swim. Consider getting your open water swimmer a warm jacket or parka. They can also use it in between pool swims in indoor pools.

If you have swim coaches on your list, they would love these to avoid getting cold on the pool deck during outdoor practices.

Here are two parkas we hear people raving about all the time:

  • Speedo - Color Block Parka ($150): We love the cozy fleece lining on this one.
  • Arena - Team Line Parka ($150): This is a unisex fit that will help you stay warm and dry on deck or between sets.

Gifts for triathletes

Participating in a triathlon is hard work, even for the fittest people you know. Help them focus on their training and not on their gear, with these best gifts for triathletes:

11. An open water buoy

If the swimmer in your life practices in open water, help them stay visible and safe with an inflatable swim buoy. These small, inflatable flotation devices are brightly colored, making the swimmer more visible in open water, even from greater distances.

swimmer using a swim buddy in open water

We like the Swim Buddy because it can also be used as a storage device for your valuables while you're swimming. The Swim Buddy is $41-$62, depending on the model.

12. Headphones

Many triathletes like to listen to music or training programs while in the water, but traditional headphones are most definitely not waterproof! A triathlete or swimmer might love a set of waterproof headphones as a gift.

We love the Aftershokz XTrainerz Open Ear MP3 Swimming Headphones. They're priced at $199 and fit under their swim cap too.

13. An ear dryer

Is your favorite swimmer also a techie? Then they'll love ear dryers that use warm, soothing air to dry your ears after a swim. Dry ears are essential to avoid bacteria and fungi growth in your ear canal following regular swims.

The Mack's Ear Dryer folds for compact storage in your swim bag. It's available for $59 from their Amazon online store.

14. A swim watch

A swim watch is another convenient fitness tracker. Many are water-resistant to 50 meters or more, making them a great tech gadget for triathletes or competitive swimmers swimming at or near the surface.

Garmin has many models of swim watches in different styles and price points. Watches in the Fenix 6 and part of the Fenix 5 line, and the Forerunner 945 & 745 sync with the FORM Goggles, allowing triathletes to see all their info for their open water swim in real-time.

For a Stocking Stuffer

15. A quality Swim Cap

One of the best ways for swimmers to protect their hair from the damaging effects of chlorine in the pool, or salt in ocean water, is to tuck their hair into a swim cap. It also makes them more aerodynamic in the water. Most swim stores will have cool caps for kids, and great options for every swimmer.

swimmer putting on a swim cap

The most unique gift for swimmers

Whether you need the ideal gift for the holiday season, a birthday, anniversary, or just because, the swimmer on your list would love any of these thoughtful gifts.

The best gifts for swimmers are ones that fit in their gear bag, like the FORM Swim Goggles. You can sync guided workouts directly to the goggles and never have to memorize a program again. It's a gift any swimmer would love and enjoy to help them stay motivated and progress in their training.